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Dated: 10/25/2017

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Usually, when people are looking to move they want it to be a quick and easy process. Often it doesn’t turn out that way. There are multiple items that a seller can do to prevent a dragged out process enabling you to find a house and making it a home. Here you will find steps to take to make your home selling experience a quick and painless one.

  1. Price your home right – Price your house aggressively and attract more buyers. This can work in your favor causing buyers to begin a bidding war and possibly send the price above the true value of the home.

  2. Half-empty closets – This may sound like a funny trick but storage space is essential. By having your storage spaces half empty this will make them appear more spacious and appeal to the buyers.

  3. Light it up – This is one thing that a lot of buyers are looking for–a home with good lighting. There are plenty of things you can do to brighten up your home like putting in higher wattage light bulbs, changing the lampshades, cutting the bushes outside the windows, etc. Before a showing be sure to open blinds and curtains.

  4. Play the agent field – It is essential to make sure your agent is doing all things possible to sell your home. It can help to look for an agent who is tech-savvy as a lot of leads are found from online sites.

  5. Clean up the critters – When a buyer walks into a home the last thing they want to do is see a litter box or smell a dog food bowl. Tidy up all of your animals things and try to clean up the hair as much as possible.

  6. Don’t upgrade too much – Doing minor fixes can do wonders for the value and look of your home, but making a large investment could hurt you in the long run. Things that aren’t too costly and can help out a lot are a fresh coat of paint, cleaning the curtains, and even changing doorknobs.

  7. Take the home out of your home – a great thing to do is to depersonalize your home. This allows your potential buyers to imagine the home as they would want it. Stage your furniture to maximize the use of space in a room. Buyers may become more distracted on who lives in the house rather than picturing themselves living there.

  8. Kitchen is huge – Your kitchen is how you sell your home. This is the place where you will be able to see the biggest return on your investment when putting your home on the market. Some of the easy and cheapest things to do are replacing hardware and putting on a fresh coat of paint. Use clean, neutral, smells like fresh baked cookies or a basic lemon cleaner to freshen up the kitchen. Skip the candle or plug-ins for adding fragrance.

  9. Show-ready – As a seller, you want to make your home as accessible to buyers as possible. This means leaving your home as staged as possible. You want an agent to be able to come and show your home whenever they call. Tidy as often as possible and be aware as you go throughout your day.

  10. First impression is everything – Your home gets judged before the buyers even walk in the door. Make sure your home is welcoming with shrubs and bright flowers. When your home is staged have a bench or maybe even some cookies. Keep up on seasonal things like raking leaves, shoveling walkways, etc.

Following these tips doesn’t guarantee the sale of your home, but may speed up the process!

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